Postcards to thank Leos Grand mother for being so nice

Postcards to thank Leos Grand mother for being so nice

"KIDS WITH" is a collaboration project between Leo Ravy and me.  It started 6 month ago as an excuse to have fun together through free creation. With time we have started shaping our production around people we know.
This has created a collection of objects, actions and visual-based-things through which we have shared and communicated between us and with our enviroment. 
The project gives us the opportunity to start understanding what we become as a team and what we desire as communicators. 

Si Grand-mèreSi Grand-mère

Leo's Grandma has been more than nice to us so we decided to do something to thank her. We did an improvised street-video and a set of postcards in which we write "Si grand-mèreSi" combination of words that can have one (or both) of the following interpretations:

1. Grand merci

2. Si grand-mère

Maxime and Juli are very close friends of Leo.

Once they asked Leo for something to put in an empty wall in their appartment.
So we invited them to dinner and we made a composition of cardboards to use as tablecoth. This is the tablecoth we used in the dinner and then offered to Maxime and Julie as a gift for their appartment.

Bonne anniversaire Benjamin

The first time me and Léo did something together was
for Benjamin, Léo's younger cousin.
We did some hand drawn letters in photoshop and we went out to the street to improvise a Happy Birthday video for him. 

Erik (pronunced Irik) was Leo's roomate in the Netherlands. 

For his 27th birthday we did him a  "Happy birday Irik" poster that we glued 27 times at school for him to find in the morning

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